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Serving Social provides business tools, marketing resources, and digital services to businesses and nonprofits, while keeping it simple. Our goal is to empower business owners and city officials across America to build their city into a digitally sustainable economy. Learn more about Serving Social and The Traveling Marketer’s SMART city initiative now.

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A new approach toward what it means to buy and live “local”. DigitalTown makes it easy for visitors to connect with local merchants, restaurants and lodging providers, while keeping the profits invested in the local community making them sustainable “Smart Cities”.


Smart marketers predict the future, leveraging other people's marketing data and modeling the strategies of industry leaders and innovators. Our mission is to double 10,000 businesses in the next 5 years. Will yours be one of them?

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We are a Texas based real estate investment company that focuses on buying pools of distressed assets on residential and commercial properties direct from banks and hedge funds. With our training we can show you how you can control millions of dollars worth of property for literally pennies on the dollar.

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Seeing innovation in media thrive, we succeed when creators succeed thanks to the collaboration of government, developers, non-profits, studios, investors, directors, musicians, actors, founders, and more, to innovate media.  Join us as a mentor, partner, or part of the community.

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